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Castle Theater in Český Krumlov

The theater building is situated on the fifth courtyard of Český Krumlov Castle. It was built in 1684. Prince Josef Adam from Schwarzenberg had it rebuilt in the years 1765 – 1766. It was probably designed by Andrew Altomonte. The carpentry work on the internal wooden structures and the stage technique was done by Vavřinec Makh. The Viennese artist Hans Wetschel and Leo Markel painted the curtain and decorated the stage and the interior of the theater with murals. The creators of the Castle Theater, inspired by the work of the Viennese designer Giuseppe Galli-Bibiena, created an extremely impressive scene in Český Krumlov, a scene with a magical atmosphere, which will enchant even a present spectator.

The Baroque castle theater has been preserved until today in an almost undamaged condition with the original technical equipment, decorations, theatrical wardrobe, props and an archival fund of that period repertoire and it is, in this regard, undoubtedly a world rarity.

Study depository of theatrical decorations, costumes and technical equipment is also a part of the baroque theater, it was gradually built on the premises of so called renaissance house in the neighborhood of the theater building.

The public auditorium Castle Theatre and the technical space under the stage are accessible for public within the tour.

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