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What to see in Český Krumlov

Za svou jedinečnou krásu vděčí město Český Krumlov z velké části krajině, do které je vsazeno. Je postaveno v ohybu řeky Vltavy, nad níž se zdvihají dva skalnaté vrchy. Ty vytvořily ideální základnu pro architektonické dominanty města - hrad a zámek. Vztahy a symbolické významy, které se v takto zabydlené krajině otevírají, jsou hlavním zdrojem atmosféry místa a lze je vnímat při všech dálkových pohledech i v ulicích města.

The town owes its unique beauty largely to the natural conditions in which it is set. It was built in a meander of the Vltava River, above which there are two hills looming. They presented an ideal base for the architectural landmarks of the town - the castle and the church. The relationships and the symbolical meanings which unfold in this inhabited countryside are the main source of the atmosphere of the place and they can be perceived while observing the town from a distance as well as in the streets of the town.

It is, however, not only a lucky combination of the town and the countryside that appeals to the visitors; also particular houses, often preserved in the rare state of intactness are a treasure trove of impressions. Those who are not merely content with observing the façades, and look behind them will be surprised by a variety of vaults, stucco decorations, wall paintings and other authentic elements, which give precise evidence about the time that they were made and about the people who created them. Even those that are not first class works of art attract visitors’ attention by their shape, inventive colourfulness or uncommon composition of materials. One feels like touching the wrinkled surface of walls, the paintings covered with patina or a stone portal bearing traces left by a medieval stonemason’s chisel, and thus experiencing - almost palpably - the current of time and the echoes of remote events. This and much more is offered by taking a tour of the town, to which this website invites you to do.

The complex of the castle of Český Krumlov, situated on a rocky promontory of the Vltava River, was constructed in the course of six centuries. In the present state it is an extensive complex of palatial and farm buildings concentrated around five castle courtyards. The... more
Latrán is the name of both the town quarter and the street passing through this quarter. At first it was the name of the area below the castle of Český Krumlov, which Wilhelm of Rosenberg linked to the inner town to form a whole in 1555. Latrán Street starts at... more
The name reminds us that the place of the present street used to be the moat between the fortifications, called „parkán“. Starting in the second half of the 16th century, the inhabitants of Krumlov built houses here, with the no longer functional town wall becoming... more
Inner Town with older town district Latrán makes together historical heart of Český Krumlov. Horní Street Horní Street has been one of the most important thoroughfares in the town since the Middle Ages. It goes up from the square towards the place... more