Latrán - Old Town District

Latrán is the name of both the town quarter and the street passing through this quarter. At first it was the name of the area below the castle of Český Krumlov, which Wilhelm of Rosenberg linked to the inner town to form a whole in 1555. Latrán Street starts at Lazebnický (Barber) Bridge and ends at Budějovická Gate. Apart from a number of important burgher houses, the former St. Jodock’s Church is found here, and the street leads to the castle complex and the Monastery of the Order of Knights of the Cross with a Red Star.

Latrán 104
Budějovická Gate was built between 1598 - 1602 according to the plan made by Benedict Cometta and at the expense of Peter Vok of Rosenberg. Český Krumlov originally had nine gates, which were... more
Latrán 6
St. Jodock’s Church with hospital was founded around 1330 by the Krumlov ruler Peter I of Rosenberg. The hospital provided basic medical care to the ill and poor inhabitants of the town. In the years... more
Latrán 50, Minoritský klášter
Monastery of the Order of the Knights of the Cross with a Red Star, (originally a monastery of Minorites and Clares) with the Church of Corpus Christi and St. Mary in Pain was founded in 1350 at the... more
Latrán 28
The Cylindrical Bastion (Latrán No. 28) was gradually erected in the period around 1500 as part of the town fortifications. After the removal of the fortifications, the inside of the bastion was... more