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State Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov

Areál krumlovského zámku, situovaný na skalnatém ostrohu nad řekou Vltavou, byl vybudován postupně v průběhu šesti století. V dnešním stavu jde o rozsáhlý komplex palácových a hospodářských budov soustředěných kolem pěti zámeckých nádvoří. Součástí areálu je také rozsáhlá zámecká zahrada.

The complex of the castle of Český Krumlov, situated on a rocky promontory of the Vltava River, was constructed in the course of six centuries. In the present state it is an extensive complex of palatial and farm buildings concentrated around five castle courtyards. The castle premises also include the vast castle garden.

In historical sources the castle of Krumlov is first mentioned in 1253 as the seat of the magnate Vítek of the House of Vítek. After Vítek’s childless sons died the castle passed on to their relatives, the lords of Rožmberk (Rosenberg), whose coat-of-arms was a red... more
The Castle Lapidarium (?) was established on the site of the former cellars of the New Burgrave’s Office in 1999, and is entered from the 1st castle courtyard. It houses stone elements and statues from the castle and its surroundings. The focal point of the... more
The Wenceslas cellars are situated under the 4th castle courtyard. They were built in the early 14th century in order to level the steeply falling terrain under the building of the Upper Castle. This way, monumental three-storeyed cellars were established to serve as... more
The castle tower is a landmark of the town and a symbol of its artistic beauty. It was built in the 13th century and rebuilt in the Renaissance style around 1580 by Balthasar Maggi d’Arogno. Its façade was decorated with paintings by Bartoloměj Beránek-Jelínek. In... more
The theatre building was erected in the 5th castle courtyard in 1680. In 1765 - 66, Prince Joseph Adam von Schwarzenberg had it rebuilt, probably based on the design by Andrea Altomonte. The carpenter work on the inside wooden constructions and stage technology was... more