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Municipal Park in Český Krumlov

V bezprostřední blízkosti historického centra se v českém Krumlově nachází městský park - malá přírodní oáza poskytující klidné prostředí k relaxaci.

The municipal park is situated in the close vicinity of the historical centre - a little oasis of nature providing a quiet place for rest. 

The area of the present-day park was originally exploited by the town inhabitants for economic purposes. In the late 16th century the Jesuits of Český Krumlov established a garden here, which was linked to the Jesuit College on the other river bank by a footbridge. The municipal park was established in 1908, and since this time has been rearranged repeatedly. These days a number of remarkable trees and shrubs can be noticed here which make up a suitable environment for numerous populations of songbirds. The names of the trees themselves are lovely: Weymouth pine (Pinus strobus), Tulip poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera), Chinese lilac (Syringa rothomagensis) and other exotic trees.

The verdure of the park is enriched by freely located sculptures, and a number of interesting buildings are situated here too: the noteworthy St. Martin’s Chapel from 1717 with Baroque furnishings, which was surrounded by
a churchyard until 1892.