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Introducing Český Krumlov

„As if hidden in a palm half open, the town, noted for its scenic beauty and rare grandeur, unfolds before us full of glory and charm of the days bygone. It is a place richly endowed with the bounties of nature and treasures of history, dear to the Czech painter and familiar to the Czech historian, a place, whose each single element evokes the memories of old days, when people were still at leisure enough to dwell upon details, and to invent a range of artistic solutions to meet their everyday needs... Erected inside a meander of the Vltava River, the bed of which cuts deep into the surrounding rocky hills, the town and its Castle benefit from the most natural setting that such a settlement could ever have.“

Co dělat a vidět na Lipně?
Pohled na město a zámek Český Krumlov a řeku Vltavu

This observation made some years ago by a person thoroughly knowledgeable about the place expresses his admiration for Český Krumlov and its unmatched charm. Though the world around us has changed a good deal since, and Český Krumlov of the present time offers the comforts pertaining to the 21st century, the old charm has not faded yet. Even today the observant visitor will be impressed by the unique natural setting of the town and the scope of its artistic heritage; even today his or her imagination will be populated with a gallery of local nobility and common people living up there in the castle and down there below it.

The guide aims to introduce the visitors into the historical context of the place and familiarise them with its cultural and artistic riches. The introduction will be followed with a sight-seeing tour of the town and a visit to the large castle complex. Attached you will find tips for visits to various places of interest - both historical sights and natural curiosities in the surroundings of the town. The text of this guide is accompanied by coloured photographs and maps, which will make your orientation in the town and its vicinity easier.


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