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Theatres in Český Krumlov

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The Town Theatre Český Krumlov annually organizes more than 120 performances, which are visited by nearly 18000 spectators. Not only theater performances can be found in the dramaturgy, but also concerts, and musical-entertaining shows. From the theatrical genre it is... more
For more than a half of century, the revolving theatre in Český Krumlov has been a significant and world’s unique representative of a natural outdoor theatre with an original design and utilisation of the scenic space. Bellaria summer palace is part of an open-air... more
The theater building is situated on the fifth courtyard of Český Krumlov Castle. It was built in 1684. Prince Josef Adam from Schwarzenberg had it rebuilt in the years 1765 – 1766. It was probably designed by Andrew Altomonte. The carpentry work on the... more