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Revolving Theatre in Český Krumlov

For more than a half of century, the revolving theatre in Český Krumlov has been a significant and world’s unique representative of a natural outdoor theatre with an original design and utilisation of the scenic space.

Bellaria summer palace is part of an open-air amphitheatre with a revolving auditorium, the construction of which was based on the design by Joan Brehms and gradually remodelled to its present appearance. Over the past few years, there has been a hot debate raging about the suitability of this stage in the castle garden. The supporting opinion emphasises the unique atmosphere of performances in the castle garden at night, while the opposing opinion points out, among other things, the problematic aesthetic qualities of the auditorium and its unsuitable placement in the central axis of the garden.

The action set – stage consists of the vast space of the surrounding chateau park allowing to enjoy the uniqueness of the wonderful scenery of the chateau garden with hundreds years old trees, which create an inimitable atmosphere for the theatrical stories. In the case of musical production – opera and ballet performances, the combination of wonderful music, dance aesthetics and the surrounding nature is an extraordinary emotive experience.

Eighty plays as an average are performed here each year from June to September, attended by about 55,000 domestic and foreign spectators.

For more information about revolving theater visit http://www.otacivehlediste.cz/?lang=en.

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