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No. 1 Guided Tour of Český Krumlov Castle

The first sightseeing route is entered from the 3st castle courtyard. The route informs the visitors about the standard of living and everyday life in an aristocratic residence in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. 

Eggenberg Hall

The chapel is presented for the introduction of this route. Then follow 5 rooms that make up a dwelling unit of a representative character, the „Renaissance Rooms“ dating from the years when Wilhelm and Peter Vok of Rosenberg (second half of the 16th century) ruled in Český Krumlov. The second part of the sightseeing tour presents the Eggenberg Hall, the Baroque Schwarzenberg suite (18th century), the castle picture gallery, and it ends in the Masquerade Hall with painted Rococo decoration from 1748.

Sightseeing route I - the Castle Chapel

The chapel was first mentioned in 1334 and its present-day appearance results from an adaptation from 1750 - 53. The stucco decoration was made by Matyáš André and the statue of St. George is by J.A. Zinner. The painting of the Virgin Mary on the high altar was painted by Ch.L. Philippot.

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